Humberto Borboa

Classical Singer  

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Voice Studio Philosophy and Policies. 

Each student will be encourage to sing with her/his own voice in the most healthy, natural and breath supported way, to enjoy themselves while singing/performing a piece and also to stay motivated to keep releasing the artist they have in them. Singing its always suppose to be fun and relaxing and not the other way around so the students will be provided with the necessary tools to control their nerves and canalize their adrenaline into positive energy on stage. The repertoire chosen for each student reflects the character, temper and quality of their voices, no matter the genre (pop, musical theater or classical) the singing principles taught will be the same for everyone. 

Each lesson will consist of breathing exercises, vocalizes and singing the chosen repertoire. The student will improve their vocal range, breath support, diction in different languages, ear training, musicality and artistry among other abilities. Audio recording devices are highly encourage from the first lesson so the student can keep track of their vocal advance and for study proposes. Accompanist for each lesson its under the students discretion, it is not necessary but highly encourage every once in a while. It will depend on the chosen repertoire if I can accompany the songs with the guitar.

Lessons can be scheduled weekly or biweekly and payments should be done at the end of each lesson, discounts available when paying in advance for 3 lessons. Also payment plans can be discussed. Cash and checks accepted. 

Lessons should be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance via email, text or phone call. Any cancellation less than 24 hours in advance will not be granted a make-up lesson. Exceptions will be made for emergencies under my discretion.  

Vocal recitals will be scheduled every couple of months in local venues in Denver, CO, encouraging the music memorization process, develop stage presence, receive positive and constructive feedback from their peers and mostly to share the student's advance with their friends and relatives. Accompanist will be provided.


Some people grow up with the dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer, for me, it wasn’t until my last year of high school that I decided to pursue a career in music. I was always involved in music but I was not lucky enough to afford private lessons. This is something I would come to regret.

I decided to take on my dream of realizing myself as a musician and was admitted into the University of Arizona as a Vocal Studies Major. As I walked through the doors of The University of Arizona School of Music I found that many of the students there were far beyond my level. As I went to my first private lesson, and this was, by the way my first ever private lesson, I realized I was not as well prepared as I thought. I had no knowledge of my vocal range and my vocal technique was far below par.

Luckily I was fortunate enough to work with Humberto Borboa Beltran, a world class tenor who had taken over the school by storm. It was intimidating having seen his face throughout the whole school and now I was to be his student. This is a moment in my life I will never regret nor forget. We went through a disastrous first semester trying to polish up my vocal technique, developing adequate practice habits, and most importantly working on my musical expression. It was by far a life changing and unforgettable experience.

It was by far such an inspiring year under Humberto Borboa that I opted to audition into the school as a Vocal Performance Major. After this I am thankful for the year in which I had the opportunity of working with Humberto Borboa. I have noticed that after this I had grown technically and musically. That year helped realize that it was going to take hard work but that year was a vital “jumpstart” to keep on pursuing my career and music. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have taken my first steps into private lessons under Humberto Borboa. - Guillermo Keymolant 

Humberto was a transformational voice teacher. Not only did he help my singing, he helped me enjoy and have confidence in my voice and myself.

For example, once I brought in a song I had written, and he liked it so much he immediately took me, with a copy of the song, to show histeacher, who also encouraged me to keep singing and composing. He helped me find the “gold” in my voice and keep the love of singing alive, even as I worked to improvemy voice. Thank you, Humberto! - Meredith Skeath

Mr. Borboa has been the best vocal instructor that I've had. After my first lesson with Mr. Borboa, I remember thinking that it was the first time in my life that I had ever truly enjoyed a lesson. His teaching methods, charisma, and interest in me motivated me to become a better musician and more importantly, it motivated me to become a vocal instructor as well. While studying with Mr. Borboa, I always felt encouraged to try new techniques during our lessons and during our masterclass and I was never embarrassed to try anything that he asked me to, this was due to the friendly atmosphere that he had established in our studio. Mr. Borboa never failed to provide positive and constructive criticism on how to further improve my vocal technique. The critique and advice he provided was always respectful and clear. He always found a unique way to clarify any questions and doubts that I had. Besides providing vocal instruction, Mr. Borboa always presented me with valuable information on upcoming competitions and singing opportunities within the community. Mr. Borboa is a phenomenal vocal instructor and person, words cannot express how lucky I was to have had him as my instructor for two years. I highly recommend Mr. Borboa to any music enthusiast and student who would like to grow as a musician and as a person.

- Juan Lomeli

Mr. Borboa was a great model and an awesome friend! He helped me explore my higher range and express my musical repertoire with emotion and sophistication. A skilled singer and a splendid communicator all around. - Sandy Deloizer